Standards for color management in the color box printing process
Release time:2021-07-08

With the continuous improvement of the market's quality requirements for color box printing products, color management has attracted more and more attention. However, there are various color problems in current production. High-quality manuscripts cannot be copied well, and the quality of unsuitable manuscripts cannot be improved after copying. This makes the original attractiveness of the product packaging unable to be fully expressed and fails to achieve the purpose of promotion , At the same time increase the waste and cost, reduce the competitiveness of enterprises. The reason is that in addition to the problems of equipment and personnel technology, the key lies in the failure of the company to carry out effective color management.

The necessity of color management for color box printing

Color reproduction is the primary task of printing, and color is the core of the life and quality control of printing. However, for a long time, the colors of manuscripts, screen displays, proofing, and printing are often not consistent, causing unnecessary disputes.

There are many variable factors in the production and reproduction process of color box printing. Images and texts need to go through multiple stages such as scanning, processing, color separation, and printing. It is not easy to accurately restore the original manuscript. At each stage, the color information will be expressed in accordance with the color rendering characteristics of the currently used equipment, so different scanning and display devices will have different performances on the same original: In addition, the display screen and C, M, Y, K or C, M, Y, K, LC, LM color rendering inks have different color expression capabilities: In addition, the conversion data of different application software is also lacking in consistency, and the prints obtained by using different papers and inks are also different. Different. Different types of equipment, even equipment of the same type and different models, have different color performance capabilities.

Therefore, it is necessary to control the color reproduction on various equipment and media in the production system through the use of color management technology to ensure that the final copy can better reproduce the original color.

The concept of color management in color box printing

Color management is the correct interpretation and processing of color information, that is, managing people's perception of color. The essence is the process of converting the color data of the image from one color space to another color space under the premise of minimum color distortion, so as to ensure that the appearance of the color from input display to output matches as much as possible, and finally make the original color consistent with the product color .

When the color management is implemented, a color in the color space of a device is converted into an intermediate color space in combination with the device's characteristic file, and then combined with the characteristic file of the target device to be converted into the target device color space. Because the color space that has nothing to do with the device is used as an intermediary, the color consistency is ensured. According to this implementation process, three elements of color management are obtained:

The device-independent color space acts as an intermediary for color conversion;

There must be a standard specification for each device to describe its color characteristics and parameters;

There must be an accurate conversion algorithm to realize the conversion of colors between different spaces.

In order to standardize the color management standards, the International Color Consortium (ICC) has formulated the ICC specifications, so that every element in color management has been clarified: the intermediary color space is CIEXYZ or CIELab; the file format that describes the color characteristics of the device It is the format specified by the ICC; the color matching algorithm is completed by the manufacturer in accordance with the ICC specification.

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