HuaHeng International Packaging Co., Ltd. Concentrates on manufacturing mid and high end packagings since 2008. With several years development and precised management,we are now able to offer one-stop service from designing-sample-printing-finishing-handcrafts to assembling and comprehensive logistics. The clients we work come from HongKong, Singapore,Japan,  UAE, Russia, Sweden, USA, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Austria etcs. Thanks for support from customers all over the world, HuaHeng would like to  provide best packaging and good service continously.

Our Main Products:Gift boxes,paper cardboard boxes,plastic boxes,paper bags.Which are applicated widely in the field of Foods, cosmetics, Digital electronics, wine, phone and accessories, gifts, jewellery, clothing, candles, sports etcs.

Management Principle
Customer First                                Scientific Management
Quality Oriented                             Continuous Improving
All personnel participation              Strive for Perfection

The clients we are now working on come from:

Business from more countries are welcome!

Words from clients
Thanks again for the job well done on the display trays.  The brand owner was also very happy with them and they have asked for your contact details and I have passed on to them.
Marisa from HK
You have been a great contact and business associate.
I will definitely contact you again if I or anyone I know need anything in the future.

 Melissa from Canada
I wanna tell you that you guys did a very good job and that we are very impressed about the samples. Good job!                                        
Patrick from Austria
First of all I want thank you for shipment you sent us !We are happy with quality & finishing of all boxes….
  Mr. Jozef from UAE
We just took receipt of the goods yesterday and are very pleased with them!We will not hesitate to recommend your company and reorder in the future.
Thank you very much and greetings from Belgium!                                                                                                         Mr.Michaël Leemans from Belgium


经营方针 我们的承诺 核心价值观
凝聚公司成员                        尊重客户需求                 以 客 为 尊
拥有技术设备                        呵护员工身心                 鼓 励 创 新
生产优质产品                        遵循法律规范                 团 队 协 作
成为世界先进印刷服务企业    保障股企业利益             共 同 创 造


电话:(+86 755)8528 4131

传真:(+86 755)2710 9911





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