Is the color of the color box packaging and printing important?
Release time:2021-07-08

(1) The color design of color box and color box packaging is attached to graphics, text and muscles. It not only requires beauty and generosity, meets people's aesthetic requirements, but also should be highly coordinated with people's psychological feelings. Printing technology. The color design of color box packaging and printing mainly considers the printing market from the following aspects.

(2) Hue. Hue is the general tendency and general sentiment of the color configuration on the screen. It is the main color of a group of colors, and it is the dominant printing technology in the full screen.

Color box packaging and printing require a momentary visual highlight on the long-distance shelf to convey product information, which requires a strong overall sense of color to match the printing market. Therefore, the key to the color box packaging design is the color design equipment consumables. The color design requirements are consistent with the main functions of the product. For example, red tone should be used for gift packaging, and cold tone printing technology should be used for cold drink packaging. The hue design requirements should be unified with the times, with the preferences of different regions and different nationalities. It must be able to adapt to this change and conform to the trend of the times. For example, the Tibetans use white as their noble color and avoid using light yellow and green; Manchus love Yellow, purple, red, blue and white and other materials should not be used. The main color design should fully consider these traditional habits in order to make the product popular. For export goods, the packaging design can only respect the custom printing market of other countries or nationalities.

On the twelve-hue circle, two similar colors are called harmonic color printing tools. The color harmony gives people a subtle, rich, elegant, pleasant, and comfortable print. The main harmonization methods are: the same color tone refers to the color matching of the same color but different brightness, such as the matching of light green, bright green, and dark green, or the matching of light red, red, and dark red. Approximate hue sum refers to the combination of different colors that contain common components. For example, orange, vermilion, and yellow all contain yellow components, and they are easy to harmonize printing technology.

With many years of long-term cooperation with different domestic and foreign customers, we believe that our development team will make your product both beautiful and practical in the packaging design structure.

We believe that as long as we can invest in the manufacturing industry with the attitude of being a service industry, we will surely gain the trust and support of our customers.

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