Do you know the color box printing process?
Release time:2021-07-09

1. Design: This stage is mainly coordinated by you, the designer and Shenzhen Xutian Printing Factory. First, you will design the packaging and printing documents according to your own requirements with the design company, or your own internal designers, and complete the packaging at the same time Selection of materials.

2. Printing: After we get the film in our printing factory, we will determine the printing according to the size of the film, the thickness of the paper, and the color of the printing.

3. Making knife molds and mounting pits: making knife molds should be determined according to the template and printed semi-finished products. A good knife mold determines the appearance and shape of the color box. Mounting pits are mainly used on the pit box. Choose the pit according to your requirements. The paper is glued together with a special machine.

4. Appearance treatment of printed matter: This appearance treatment is mainly to beautify the surface, including laminating, bronzing, UV, oil polishing and so on.

5. Forming: using machinery and knife molds. Die-cut the color box to form the basic style of the color box.

Six sticky box: It is to follow the model or design style of the color box, and glue the parts of the color box that need to be fixed and connected with glue.

Through the above process, a color box is completed, and Huaheng Gaosheng packaging arranges delivery.

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