Analysis on printing technology of fine hardcover boxes
Release time:2021-07-09

With the continuous improvement of hardcover box printing technology and the continuous update of printing materials, gift hardcover boxes play an important role in gift production and sales. In the design of hardcover boxes, Shenzhen Huaheng Gaosheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. believes that good design ideas are indispensable. Among them, the composition is the most important. It involves the design and Match.

Regarding the composition of the hardcover gift box, there are roughly the following categories:

1. The independent main body of the hardcover box gift box

Among the current hardcover box composition forms, the independent subject style is undoubtedly the most commonly used. In the process of composition design, the designer first creates a visual graphic based on the attributes of the product and other characteristics, and then uses it as the main body of the package, and most of it will be centered. One of the advantages of this composition is that it is easier to create visual impact, and it is easy to extend and spread.

Second, the hardcover box gift box surround style

Enclosed composition means that the designer surrounds it with many image elements in order to highlight the main text information on the packaging. This approach can well make the name or logo of the gift stand out and make it feel surrounded. According to the analysis of Shenzhen Hardcover Box Printing Factory, patterns are generally used for the surrounding elements, so as to create a fresh and full literary style.

Three, hardcover box gift box partial

The local type is to hide a part of the main graphic and only show the part of the graphic. According to psychological experimental research, many parts of graphics look better than the whole. For example, some people look generally average, but maybe some parts are good-looking, such as ears, eyebrows, etc. Through the magnification of these local parts, consumers can create imagination for the hardcover box.

Four, hardcover box gift box color block type

The color block style was more popular in the past few years, that is, use color blocks or pictures to divide the layout into two or more sides. Generally, some color blocks are used to display pictures, and the other color blocks are used to arrange gift information, etc. This kind of composition is concise, clear and stylish.

Five, hardcover box gift box full screen

The full-screen design is very similar to the full-screen playback of watching movies on the computer, that is, the screen part is almost covered with the entire layout. This kind of composition design is very full and complete, and it is very suitable for designing high-end gifts for others, and then matching with a single color, such as red. If you want to create an artistic conception, full-screen is a good composition design.

Six, hardcover box gift box logo main style

The main body of the logo takes the brand LOGO as the main visual core of the screen. This is a common design concept for many gift box packaging and well-known brands, conveying a sense of simplicity and atmosphere. Sometimes, in order to enhance the consumer's association effect, some crafts are added to it.

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