Unification and planning of product packaging
Release time:2021-07-09

1. Unify the brand and unify the image.

2. The corporate personality is outstanding and the style is modern, reflecting the corporate connotation of high technology and high quality.

3. Adapt to the characteristics of the company's product structure and meet the needs of future product innovation.

4. Comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Planning steps

1. Research

  Adequate research is the guarantee of successful planning. When planning the packaging image of a company’s products, it is necessary to conduct in-depth investigations both inside and outside the company. The content of the survey includes business philosophy, development goals, product structure, packaging status, etc.; survey objects include top corporate leaders, marketers, production managers, quality managers, product wholesalers, retailers, and product users.

  2. Expert advice 

  Opinions from packaging design experts can get twice the result with half the effort.

  3. Proposal

  Propose a plan based on full investigation and research.

  4. Demonstration program 

  Collect opinions from all sides, and repeatedly demonstrate and modify the feasibility of the plan.

  5. The plan is determined

  After the plan is determined, the product packaging image design manual will be compiled and produced as a standard for the company to carry out product packaging design.

  It is imperative for Shenzhen enterprises to unify the image of product packaging, but it should also be combined with the actual situation of the company's business objectives, marketing plans, etc., and cannot be a one-size-fits-all.

  If the existing product packaging already has a high level of recognition in the market, the new packaging needs to be carefully planned and a series of measures should be introduced to match it. Otherwise, blindly changing the packaging will have a negative impact on product sales. Therefore, enterprises should adopt the strategy of “seize the opportunity and gradually penetrate” to unify the product packaging image.

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