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Introducing Our Latest Acquisition: The State-of-the-Art Roland 700 8+1+1 prining machine

Elevating Our Printing Capabilities to New Heights

Shenzhen Huaheng Packging Co.,Ltd , a leading paper packaging manufacturer, is thrilled to announce the addition of the Roland 700 8+1+1 printing press to our production line. This cutting-edge technology represents a significant investment in our commitment to delivering the highest quality packaging solutions to our clients.

About the Roland 700 8+1+1:

The Roland 700 8+1+1 is a high-performance printing press renowned for its precision, versatility, and efficiency. With a robust design and advanced automation, this press sets a new standard in the industry for quality and productivity. It features an 8-color printing unit, accompanied by 2 coating unit for additional special effects, allowing us to produce complex designs with intricate details and vibrant colors.

Key Benefits:

Enhanced Print Quality: The superior print quality will allow us to create packaging with rich, lifelike images and sharp text that truly stand out on the shelf.

Increased Efficiency: The automation and advanced feeder technology of the Roland 700 will increase our production speed without compromising on accuracy, reducing lead times for our customers.

Sustainability: The press is designed with energy-saving features that align with our environmental responsibility initiatives, ensuring that our operations are as sustainable as possible.

Customization: With the additional coating units, we can offer a wider range of special effects, such as varnishes, UV coatings, and foil stamping, providing our clients with more options for customization.

Including precise dot control, dual drive concept, suitable for multi-color press configuration, rugged machine construction, while the machine also installed the latest color control system and SmartCard board printing performance kit. This will help Huaheng Packaging Company to establish a standardized printing production process.

Impact on Customers:

Our customers will benefit from shorter lead times, reduced costs due to improved efficiency, and access to a more diverse portfolio of packaging options. The Roland 700 8+1+1 press will enable us to take on more complex projects and meet the growing demand for premium packaging solutions.

Looking Forward:

This acquisition marks a significant milestone for Huaheng Packging. We are excited about the opportunities this new press brings and look forward to continuing to provide our customers with unparalleled service and packaging solutions.

For More Information:

For inquiries or to schedule a tour of our factory to see the Roland 700 8+1+1 in action, please contact Kikki at +86-13510947094 or sales@huahengpack.com

Introducing Our Latest Acquisition: The State-of-the-Art Roland 700 8+1+1 prining machine 1

Introducing Our Latest Acquisition: The State-of-the-Art Roland 700 8+1+1 prining machine 2

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