HuaHeng Pack focuses on customize eco-friendly paper box and luxury perfume box for over 30 years.

Our packaging plant held an important team building activity. Throughout the day, through a variety of teamwork games and challenges, the entire staff deepened their understanding and greatly enhanced team cohesion and collaboration.
2024 05 31
Shenzhen Huaheng Packging, a distinguished manufacturer of bespoke packaging solutions, is proud to share the inspiring story of our partnership with a renowned Austrian designer. This collaboration, which began with a modest order of 100 belt boxes, has flourished into a substantial monthly order of 300,000 gift boxes, symbolizing a five-year journey of mutual growth and success.
2024 05 31
Shenzhen Huaheng Packging Co.,Ltd , a leading paper packaging manufacturer, is thrilled to announce the addition of the Roland 700 8+1+1 printing press to our production line. This cutting-edge technology represents a significant investment in our commitment to delivering the highest quality packaging solutions to our clients.
2024 05 31
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With 30 years of experience in exporting luxury perfume boxes to various countries, we have established a strong reputation for ourselves in the international market.
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