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Unveiling the Art of Hot Stamping: A Step-by-Step Journey

Huaheng Packaging Hot Stamping Process

1. Pre-Press Preparation

Before we begin the hot stamping journey, our team meticulously prepares the press, ensuring that all components are in pristine condition and ready to work harmoniously.

2. Plate Mounting

We carefully mount the hot stamping plates onto the press's baseboard. These plates are the blueprint for the designs that will be transferred onto your packaging.

3. Plate Adjustment

After mounting, we fine-tune the plates to ensure even pressure distribution across the entire surface, using pad adjustments where necessary to achieve a uniform and precise imprint.

4. Setting the Parameters

Crafting the perfect hot stamp requires precise control over temperature, pressure, and speed—our expertise lies in finding the perfect balance for each unique project.

5. Step Calculation

We calculate the exact positioning of the hot stamping process, taking into account the length of the metallized foil, step distances, and jump lengths to ensure accuracy in alignment and coverage.

6. Test Stamping

Before full-scale production, we conduct test runs to evaluate the quality of the hot stamping. This step is crucial for identifying any adjustments needed to meet our high standards.

7. Approval Stage

Once the test stamping meets our stringent quality requirements, we seek your approval. Your satisfaction is paramount, and we only proceed once we've received your confirmation.

8. Full-Scale Production

With your approval in hand, we commence the hot stamping process. Our team vigilantly monitors the production to maintain the highest quality and ensure consistency throughout the run.

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